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Kayak and Bike Tour in Nowa Huta
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Kayaking in Dłubnia River and Biking in Nowa Huta (Krakow)

Wyżywienie: bez wyżywienia (OV)
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Kayaking and Bike Tour in Nowa Huta

Nowa Huta is not only a Socialist Architectural Jewel - is also a natural wild district! This forgotten over the years district rediscovers forgotten green areas. See Nowa Huta in a way that only a few people saw before you - from the height of the kayak and bike!

Through the middle of the district of Nowa Huta real river flows - Dłubnia. Forgotten by all, left to itself still retains its wild character. It surprises strictures, meanders and rapids. However, all this in a very accessible for any average tourist.  

During the Kayaking you can find many riverside residents that even you would not expect, spend time with friends in a unique way and a little chill.

After canoeing will be cycling trip. We will go to bike along the river. We turn into the woods and meadows of Nowa Huta would then go away for the Central Square them. Ronald Reagan and Avenue of Roses.

Get on a New Adventure in Nowa Huta!


Collection at 11:30 am on the meeting point at Nowa Huta
Please bring a change clothes in case it gets wet while kayaking. All their belongings and items will be transported at the end of kayaking.

- Kayaks we transport ourselves over Dłubnia river (they are extremely lightweight).
- Before launching will be discussed safety rules.
- Everyone receives a life jacket and paddle.

We start at 12:00.

Kayaking will take about 2-3 hours.
Finish of kayaking  will be on the Vistula River Sailing Club in Mogila.

approx. h. 14:30 we go for a bike ride
approx. h. 16:00 finish our tour.

How to prepare:
- a comfortable warm clothes - if someone has a clothing foam is worth taking), helmet (can be a bicycle, we will need on the journey, both flowing down the river and during cycling tour).

Terminy i ceny

Cena podstawowa Wolne miejsca
1 dzień 179 PLN Sprawdź

The event will be held at least 10 people.


bez zakwaterowania

no accommodation


bez wyżywienia (OV)

no meals (OV)





Shuttle bus from the hotel in Krakow - the cost per person 40 PLN / person

Cena zawiera

Price includes
- Rent a kayak (1- or 2-person kayak) with paddle and life jacket.
- Bicycle hire,
- Accident insurance,

Cena nie zawiera

Price does not include
- Hot drinks - are encouraged to take their own thermos of hot tea or coffee,
- It is possible to use in-house catering at the end of the tour.


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