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Urban Nowa Huta Food Tour [Krakow]
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Explore Nowa Huta flavors from the 50s to 90s! [Guided tour in English]

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Explore Nowa Huta flavors from the 50s to 90s!

We invite you for a culinary walk around Nowa Huta.We will visit the iconic Nowa Huta places that remember the flavors of communism in the 1950s. We will visit the culinary places that remember the times of the Solidarity and War Struggle of the 1980s. We will reach the first gastronomic points created with the beginning of the free democratic Poland of the 90s. 

These places still exist and you can taste those times with us! 

Reservation: +48 12 6813692 ola@ecotravel.pl

During the visit, each place will be tasted of dishes from which the place is famous. Everyone will later have the option of ordering this dish themselves.

• We start at 10:00 am with a walk from the famous gastronomic point - Grewja - where you will taste the first fastfood in American style, but in the Polish version of the 90s - Hot Dog with a Leszczyńska sausage.

• We will visit a real "milk bar" remembering the times of the 70s

• Next, we go for a walk towards the Church of "Arka Pana" and Bieńczyce Marketplce. There, we'll find a place with the most delicious casseroles in Krakow - Zapiekanki Bieńczyckie.

• Then head towards Aleja Róż and reach the confectionery "Pingwinek" famous in Nowa Huta for local ice cream and waffles.

• Go further along Aleja Róż and reach the oldest restaurant in Nowa Huta - Stylowa Restaurant, which offers herring tartare and tea in a basket.

• This is not the end - we still have a grill in front - Max Grill. In a wooden hut we will find here the tastiest grilled sausage in Nowa Huta.

minimum: 4 people
price: 169 PLN / person


Reservation: +48 12 6813692; ola@ecotravel.pl

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Cena podstawowa Wolne miejsca
1 dzień 169 PLN Sprawdź

minimum: 4 people
price: 169 PLN / person

minimum: 4 people
price: per person


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No accommodation


zgodnie z programem imprezy (ZPR)

Catering according to the program of the event


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Price includes:
• tasting dishes,
• guide in English.

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The price does not include services not included in the offer.

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